A Message To Black Pastors

BlackChurchMaximizing your IRS status as a member of the Clergy and a self employed tax payer.   

     In our community, low income is the factor that drives the need for a lot of things; affordable medicine; affordable utilities; affordable transportation; affordable childcare; affordable education; affordable food; and of course, affordable housing. Our local leaders are yet to design an official plan to address the root cause of the need, which is low income. Low income is the root, and low income is the issue that we need to address.


     If the problem is low income;
building substandard housing that the people can't afford won't solve the problem.
     If the problem is low income;
Parents picking up fast food after their 2nd or 3rd job, won't solve the problem.
     If the problem is low income
Buying less effective generic medicine won't make you healthy.
     If the problem is low income
Orange County School Board feeding students so that they can educate them doesn't solve the problem.
     If the problem is low income
Giving tax breaks next year for installing solar panels this year, won't solve the problem.
     If the problem is low income...
The only way to solve the problem, is to raise the income. Raising the average income of households makes more sense, anything else just acerbate the problem.

     It is obvious now, that if the problem of low income is going to be addressed in our community, if it is going to be figured out, we have to develop a plan, and we have to put that plan into action.
     You already know that in the Black community, the church is our hub, the center of our universe and everything springs from there. All of our great movement leaders came out of the church.
     If we are going to become economically successful as a people, and live a little more heavenly here on earth, our church has to become more successful. All of our congregation members have to thrive. Each of us must have equal opportunity to succeed.

      One way to raise the households spendable income, is to keep more of the money that we have earned. We spend over 27% of our income on retail taxes.
      The IRS Tax Code, allows special deductions and credits to some clergy. Black pastors and ministers can benefit greatly from these IRS tax considerations. First by identifying those deductions and then applying the IRS's 'ordinary and necessary' principles to receive maximum benefit.
      And secondly, the IRS has given many of our pastors the designation of 'self employed.' That means that increasing your self employed income, then applying those 'ordinary and necessary' deductions, you can increase your household's spendable income.

     The BootStrapping Project's mission is to increase the average income of households in our community. H & R Financial Solutions wants Black Pastors to gain every advantage that the IRS Tax code offers.
     Click the link below, let's find those 'ordinary and necessary' clergy only deductions, then apply them to your self employed status.

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