On Tuesday, My Church Is A Plumber

Doors SantuaryBy Lawrence A Robinson
     It is strange to me that in our community, the criticism of our churches seems to be exploding. It is almost like everyone has something negative to say about the church. You know what, I agree with some of them because the church isn't the building, the church is you.

     Critics of the church claims that the church isn't doing enough for the community. They want to know why can't they help the homeless? Why is there a church on every corner in our community right next to the liquor store? Why does the pastor drive a Mercedes and live in big homes and the members catch the bus and live in squalor? What are they doing with all that money that they collect every week? Why can't I have my heaven on earth? Why are there so many 'Bishops?' How did 'God' create 'God?'
     My grandfather was a butcher and grew his business to 5 grocery stores. He worked six days a week and employed a dozen teens to deliver groceries using their bicycles with baskets.
He also was a deacon in the church and he strongly believed in the 'Word of God'. Every Sunday after church, all of my siblings, six of us, would go to grandpa's house for dinner. He would pray over the food, we would sing songs, we would talk and have a second church services at his house.
     On Monday through Saturday, he was a butcher, but on Sunday he was the church.
The church is strong in our community. Even though they say attendance is shrinking, the church is the strongest, most organized 'industry' in our community. The purpose of church is to give hope to the people. But the church is not the building, the church is the people. Therefore, the purpose of the people, is to provide hope and support to each other.
     When observing our community, you notice that we wear many 'hats' during the week. On Monday through Friday, some of us are butchers, bakers, police, plumbers, fireman, councilmen, authors, consultants, etc. On Friday evening, some of us are partygoers, movie theater attendees, restaurant diners, club patrons etc. On Saturday some of us are dog walkers, chore doers, yard cutters, errand runners, park joggers, shoppers, etc. But, on Sunday, we are all the 'church.'
     When critics of the church are talking, they are criticizing their own Sunday activity, not yours because on Sunday, they are the church.
     Maybe we could be more like my grandpa, who on Sunday enjoy the benefits and fruits of a productive week instead of criticizing yourself for lack of positive activity.
     The church isn't the building, the church is you. When you criticize the church, you are criticizing yourself. What are you doing Monday through Saturday, when you are not the church? On Tuesday, my church is the plumber. What is yours?

The purpose of the church is to give hope and support to the people. Join the BootStrapping Society and let's support your weekday 'church.' For more information, call: (407)615-4066