A Pastor's Heart

BishopHoltMin. Deborah Slaughter

I first had the pleasure of meeting Rev. Leonard O. Holt at a Welcome Breakfast that was given his honor. That was more than 35 years ago.
At that Breakfast The Mayor of Orlando called him "A man that had no Guile ". Over these many years I have found that to be true.
Rev. Now Bishop Holt has been a great Pastor.

Rev. Holt founded the Victory Community Church on the First Sunday in July .
The location was the Syrian - Lebanonies Community Center on Mills Avenue. Orlando.

A New Church start is no easy task. Beginning and Building a Church from the ground up is not for the weak in heart.

But God straighten is hands and blessed him with the people and skills to do just that.

From the congregation of Thirty Five to approximately Two hundred. Rev. Holt's charge to the congregation was "Follow me as I Follow Christ "

Our motto "The Victory is already won"

Through prayer and preaching. Through teaching and planning, he led his congregation. He was the Gospel guy with the thousand watt smile tthat took you up where you belonged...he never met a stranger...nor forgot your story, he would "just stop by to tell the good news"

As a humble servant, he showed us by his example to be compassionate and care for one another.
I would be remiss not to mention that he sang! From "fix it Jesus like you said you would. To "hold on a little while longer . To " Two Wings" . Lord, did Rev. Holt sing!
The first Sunday in November Bishop preached his last sermon.
"The Ideal Meal" Matthew 26:17.

Pastor Holts most enduring message was Holt runs a Colt, which inspired a generation,
No Pastor is perfect but for those of us who have been blessed to have known someone so special it is so hard to say goodbye.

Well my friend, You've got your wings and as you said: "I'll fly away "
Thank you God for giving us Pastor Leonard O.Holt. 

Rev Holt Memorial