Leslie Holt L-Leader born to lead.
E-Exquisite in her gift of singing.
S-Spoiled loved attention with a heart of gold.
L-Lively in spite of the struggles, she fought a good fight.
I-Intellectual she knew how to use her intelligence and analytical thinking to accomplish her goal.
E-Eloquent a woman full of words of wisdom.

This is the Leslie many of us knew. If you were not a part of her direct circle, you may not have known this side of her that brought laughter and joy into a room in spite of the pain she may have been dealing with due to her battle with Sickle Cell Anemia.

She was a woman full of life with brilliant ideals to make life better for her children and parents. Sometimes she may have seemed to be distant, void and some may even say selfish, but Leslie was one that you had to spend time with to really know her true being.

We thank God for the opportunity to have met and known this lady name, Leslie Holt.
Because of Leslie being who she was, many of us are who we are today. Because of the experiences we had with Leslie made many of us see life in a different way. Therefore, as we say good night Leslie Holt, our prayers are with Bishop, Minister Holt and the family.

Leslie memorial