We Get To Save Ourselves

PastorGlendy 200We already know that no cavalry on horseback is riding down the hill to save us, right? Our politicians are fighting the good fight, but we are still losing.
We are losing the fight for fair housing. We lose when we try to fight for justice. We are not receiving equal income for equal abilities and we are losing badly in our pursuit of happiness.

As a pastor in our community, you know this better than most, don’t you? Maybe, if we build our own economic system, we could start to win, right?

Black pastors know that if we raise the family’s average income by just a few hundred dollars a month, many community issues will be resolved.

Over a dozen Black pastors have agreed to join together and support Black businesses. The strategies that are outlined in the BootStrapping Project are anchored in the Black church.

Local Black owned businesses and community churches will work together to support the community. The local churches will grow and the community will start to thrive. The BootStrapping Project’s team advisors, invite you to a strategy meeting and workshop.

The goal is to connect congregations of Central Florida Black churches with local Black owned businesses to effectively build an economic support base.
The BootStrapping Project is the implementation of strategies designed by our ancestors and their roots run deep in our history. The objective is to improve the living circumstances of the Central Florida Black community.

For more information, call Larry Robinson (407) 615-4066