Are You One Of God's Elite Class?

RevWilliamBarberby Samantha M Phillips (comments on Rev. Dr. William Barber Dem. Convention Speech)
"I'm so concerned with those who say so much about what God says so little while saying so little about what God says so much" Rev Dr William J. Barber, II

I don't know for sure, but can safely assume from the full content of his speech that Dr Barber & I may not share the exact same position on every predominate policy of our time. However, we do agree on the majority of what his speech is saying and calling out to our nation for!

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REVIVAL for the MORAL HEART of our nation to return to real Biblical values and those values to not be watered down to two or three political issues that perpetuate any American from being protected from hate and unfair treatment.

It's not about condoning a lifestyle of sin, as none of us have the authority or power to do that, it's about endorsing a culture of love and care for one another's well being and for valuing the God factor in every person, even and especially those who are yet lost.

UNDOUBTEDLY what God calls sin, not one of us can condone... and that includes having a hardened heart of exclusionary judgment against those who have not yet seen the light. God doesn't hold me accountable for another's sins or shortcomings, but He does hold me accountable for sharing and representing His loving truth with those who are lost.

If you know the Word and embrace the real example of JESUS CHRIST, does your attitude and stance towards the "least of these" really please God? Sometimes.. and Biblically OFTEN TIMES... Those who consider themselves God's elite class are the most prone to the prideful hearts that forget how much their Heavenly Father loves those that society does not.

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