I'm against whoever is running in 2016The Tale of the Small Businessman
Posted on July 26, 2013

I am neither Democrat nor Republican. I am neither conservative nor liberal. I am, however, uniquely American. I see that not one of the potential candidates from either party has expressly made a policy statement/commitment to the small business owner and small businesses here in this country as of this date.


It has been the small independent businesses of this country that have kept this economy going despite the “bail outs” (that we never benefited from because we could not get one as small businesses) and despite the suggestion from both political parties that they “are with us” as small independent business owners. Members from both parties do not tell the truth about small businesses because members of both parties have never worked for themselves, and therefore have not experienced creating revenue.

Most members of both parties have always somehow benefited from government work only. As a result, that is why I have posted this picture today. Yes, I am the quintessential small business operating and functioning within this market driven economy. I don’t have a job. I do, however, produce revenue. And as a result I am steadfastly independent in my political view and economic view of this free market economy in this country and make not one damn apology for wanting lower taxes, and lower “business fees”, and less government in my damn pockets and the like.

As I look at the 2016 general election, this is what matters most to me; and that is the economy improving for the small independent businesses. And don’t think for one minute that “I need to go work for somebody” because that is in the past. And here in the state of Florida, we have a gubernatorial election coming in 2014.

Besides my fierce independence on all political fronts including my fierce independence as to not wanting to leave one civil right unused or infringed (and that includes voting rights and rights included in amendment #2 to the U.S. Constitution and my steadfast support of the right of lethal deadly force without the duty of retreat) I am one black-American male who is going to do what I have to do to have my voice heard.

More on having my voice heard is forthcoming, and as always, you can go to www.constitutionally-speaking.com for more blog reading.

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