The Top 3 Survival Bug-a-boos That Maintains Black Folk Status-Quo

By Lawrence A Robinson
As Black people we already know what is holding us back, it’s mostly us. The America society and justice system is designed in such a way that makes it hard, sometimes impossible, to break free enough to actually pursue life’s pleasures.

Some call it ‘systemic racism.’ Even now, we are forced to make our way through the gauntlet of life’s traps, designed to lead us to failure or to maintain the status-quo.

Some of us are reaching out for more, trying to grasp the gold ring. Too many of us are just trying to survive. All of us should try to understand how the American cultural system works so that we can pursue a happier life.

Here are the top 3 bug-a-boos that Black folk should overcome.
Bug-a-boo #1. Fear of the federal tax system. Every person in the United States has to deal with the federal tax code in some fashion, everybody. There are many ‘considerations’ in the code that works in our favor. Knowing the code, or working with a tax professional is paramount for our individual and business success.

Bug-a-boo # 2. Ignoring the importance of a good credit score. They say that the United States runs on credit. Almost everything that you buy is influenced by your credit score and how you handle money. If you are judged by your ability to handle your finances and your credit score reflects that ability, shouldn’t your credit score be the best that it can be?

Bug-a-boo # 3. Fear of supporting Black businesses. According to the 2010 Federal Census, there are over 12,500 Black owned businesses in Orange County. Also, Black residents spend in excess of 3 billion dollars a year in Orange County. We have to organize in such a way that we support our own businesses and create more businesses that serve our needs.

If we, as Black people can gain control of these three bug-a-boos, we could move past surviving mode and quickly in thriving mode.

On Wednesday evenings for the next few weeks, there is a meeting designed to help with repairing credit scores and even raising them. Also, there is training to educate on how to maintain the higher score.

Follow this link, for more information: Secrets To Financial Literacy