Should Commissioner Daisy Lynum Pick and Train Her Own Replacement?

DaisyLynum2This is a comment taken from a social media site expressing an opinion about Orlando City Commissioner Daisy Lynum.  This opinion is solely that of the writer, but over all, it seems to express and capture the general sentiments of most comment writers of that thread, of which there were many.

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Racism and Gentrification In Orlando, Central Florida

Gentrificationby Dr. Tim Adams
Central Florida leaders, when international leaders quell the people's voices in Syria and the Sudan, Egypt and the Middle East; Americans cry foul. When gentrification shows its extremely ugly head in the City of Orlando, Orange County, and Central Florida, African Americans who speak out about injustices are marginalized, stigmatized and black-balled by the elected and appointed officials, who gain millions of dollars at our expense and to our detriment!

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My Christmas Fish Story, "I Once Caught A Fish THIS Big"

Lawrence holding Fish caught with flimsy poleby Lawrence A. Robinson
When I was a child, from the age of about six years old until my 'tween' years, the one Christmas present that I could always depend on was roller skates. There are six siblings, one girl. There is about a ten year span between my oldest brother and my youngest. My youngest brother, Richard is about three years younger than me and Lorenzo is less than two years older than I am. The three of us are the youngest of my parents children.

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PathwaysToParramoreBy Attorney Ka'Juel J. Washington
As the seasons change from Spring to Fall, the leaves from the trees dazzle in a brilliant display of colors. At the same time, these beautiful leaves succumb to the force of the wind and lose their grip with the branches and limbs. As these leaves lay lying on the ground, the wind continues to blow and systematically scatter them into places unknown.

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Is President Obama Taking Away Our Freedoms?

Obama Shirtby Roger Caldwell
The Conservatives, Republicans, and Tea Party have decided that liberty and freedoms in America are being usurped by the government and President Obama's policies. With the passage of the Patriot Act and individual mandates in the Affordable Care Act, everyone feels that "Big Brother" is looking over our shoulder.

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What Goals Have You Achieved This Year?

Linda Hayleswritten by Linda Hayles
September of 2012, I said, "It would be great if I could get me and the kids to Texas". I was living in Orlando, FL. January of this year, 2013 I decided to move my family to Texas. I had just started Les Mills Pump and I just wanted to lose "some weight". I needed to buy a car, too.

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