REGINA HILL: The Daughter of District 5

JoeDavisby The Pan-Africanist Coalition
In a column writing by Attorney taleph Haynes Davis, he seemed to infer that Regina Hill (or anyone else for that matter) had to beg for their civil rights back. To be an attorney, you would think that this individual would know better than to make such an idiotic statement.

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In the Mist of 'Juan-Gate,' Where are the African-American Leaders?

LeadershipA Position Paper: Released by the Pan-Africanist Coalition
War is Politics With Blood & Politics is War Without Blood.

There's a war going on in the 5th. There have been heavy casualties already. Fireworks are going off all over, on the streets, in the neighborhoods and especially in the local media. The one element missing from the entire scene is the African-American leadership.

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Who Is Daisy/Juan Lynum? A New York Detective Tells All

Mike Greeneby Mike Greene (Former candidate for Orange County Sheriff)
July, 2012. I first met Daisy Lynum. Not knowing her character, but knowing her professional career, educational background, etc I sought to meet her and introduced myself humbly and with the respect that I would give any elder and person who I thought was deserving of it.

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ABDICATION! -The Queen Anoints An Heir to Reign over the Kingdom of the Fifth District.

QueenA Position Paper Released by: The Pan-Africanist Coalition
The Kingdom is Abuzz:
In a scene reminiscent of a mid-evil tale of good & evil Kings & Queens fighting for right or wrong, or a 1950's era flick starring Errol Flynn, Betty Davis and Cecil Rathbone, the Queen of Parramore has tapped her son as the "heir apparent" to the throne that is the fifth, ALL HAIL, the young Prince and God Save the Queen.

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FOUND, The Guy Who Kinda Supports Juan Lynum

JuanLynumby Attorney taleph Haynes Davis
E. Juan Lynam, Esq... went to college and graduated, went to graduate school and graduated, went to law school and graduated, then took the Florida Bar, and then passed the Florida Bar,and has run his own business had never been arrested or convicted of anything, in fact he has defended the accused in criminal matters, and has not had to beg for his rights to be restored for any reason whatsoever.

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Veterans Are Still Making a Difference

Red Brush Painting & Sherwin Williams team up to give back to Veterans and their families.
On February 7-9, 2014 Red Brush Painting and Sherwin Williams will come together to volunteer their time and materials to paint The ¬Life Restoration Outreach and Performing Arts Center at 116 Jackson St, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701. This Outreach center and its leaders, Pastor Daniel Sims, and Loretta Morris White serve as an outreach program to the Community with a special emphasis on Veterans and particularly homeless Vets and their families to help them get back on their feet.

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