What Do Black People Want? Leaders!

Black Youthby Rodney Smith
Why we riot, why we loot and why we destroy our communities

What Do Black People Want; The Black Agenda
Why do we (Black people) riot in and destroy our own communities?

Many people have asked this question. I ask them, "have you ever cut yourself with a razor and suddenly threw the razor across the room or stubbed your toe and exclaimed words of a profane nature that is not normal of you to use?"

It is an emotional response often performed when experiencing pain, extreme anger and even loss.

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Some say it is a "knee jerk" response. Something akin to an uncontrollable reflex action.

Knee jerk/emotional response is a part of it but let's also consider that the 'Authority' usually safeguard the important things which limits targets of oppression so that emotion still needs an outlet. Often times it is the oppressed boxed into their own areas that have that 'knee jerk' response.

Without some training and very good leadership that excess energy erupts in its primeval form often in our own communities. Let us also remember that there are always opportunists who have no emotional ties to the righteous cause who act as provocateurs.

I am suggesting that our communities are devoid of good and sustained leadership.
This is by design.

We know from our High School Physics classes that nature abhors a vacuum and it will be filled.

Good leadership in the Black community is a vacuum. We need to fill it with people of our choosing and reject those given to us by the same ones that oppress us.

Ask yourself, "who is my community leader?" Then ask yourself is that person working towards the community's best interest?We have a role to play. Let's play our role.