The Dark Heart

me and carol 1999 everett spruillby James DeShay
There are times when one's heart
is heavy and a dense fog covers the
internal spirit. The human sight fails
to see beyond the moment and time
seems not to exist.

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'Take A Child To SELMA' The Social Media Side Show

Selmaby Earl L. Small

Intro by Lawrence A. Robinson

There are some negative comments on social media about taking children to see this movie, 'SELMA.'  A few people think that going to see this movie shows that Blacks are desperate for entertainment instead of understanding the powerful message of courage set forth by our parents and grandparents generation.

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What Do Black People Want? Leaders!

Black Youthby Rodney Smith
Why we riot, why we loot and why we destroy our communities

What Do Black People Want; The Black Agenda
Why do we (Black people) riot in and destroy our own communities?

Many people have asked this question. I ask them, "have you ever cut yourself with a razor and suddenly threw the razor across the room or stubbed your toe and exclaimed words of a profane nature that is not normal of you to use?"

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Regina Hill is the Watusi

Watusiby Helen Balls
It just hit me like a ton of bricks. As I was considering the other day who to vote for in the upcoming May 6 run-off election in District 5. I begin to weigh the ups and downs of both candidates – Juan Lynum and Regina Hill.

I confess! I did not vote in the primary. My last vote was for President Obama. Had to be sure he got re-elected. You understand!

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Is Everyone In Orlando A Political Consultant?

ConsultantServicesWow! Who knew that everyone in Orlando is a political consultant!

Alert Washington because Orlando is the political consultant capital of the world!

Despite successful campaign experience, a proven successful public outreach record and or advanced political training it appears that everyone during this campaign season is a 'seasoned' Adviser!

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The Lynums Are Up To No Good

NoGoodBy C. Mark Hemmer
I have been following the race in District 5, since I read that the son was poised to run against his mother. Speaking of city commissioner Daisy Lynum and her son, Juan Lynum.

It seemed from the early report that he planned to run for Judge, but he never said which seat. Then he filed to run in his mother city commission seat after she filed and paid the filing fee.

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