Crossing Party Lines, Crossing District Lines

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I have noticed that city and county government agency staff members are good for claiming that they don't have authority to interfere with other agency policies. They are more loyal to each other rather than to the people they are supposed to serve. Personally, I look for candidates who are willing to represent the people even if that means questioning another agency's policies and procedures.

State Representative Bruce Antone told me that the OCPS is an autocratic agency. I had to look it up. That means that the OCPS governs themselves. They have their own budget and make their own rules. Unfortunately, it also means that they are self serving. Bruce used the OCPS autonomy position as a reason not to question their zoning and busing policies but rather to just accept their decisions without question. This evasion is not fair to the people that Bruce serves. He just accepted this unwritten law in

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order to divert his responsibility.

The OCPS uses their autocratic status and policies to transfer millions of dollars from black communities to other communities. The Orange County School Board miscalculated the use of hundreds of millions of dollars over the last several years and now would like the tax payers to replace it. The state of Florida helps with the funding of the OCPS and therefore has some authority as to how the money is spent. State representatives have a duty to question how the money is spent.

Obviously, Dr. Barbara Jenkins, Bill Sublette, Kat Gordon, Joie Cadle, Attorney 'Woody' Rodriquez and other members of the Orange County School Board and support staff are enjoying their autonomy and their ability to manipulate hundreds of millions of dollars a year, without question. Now, they want to extend the one/half penny tax to take more money for non-questionable use.

Who will question the Orange County School Board? Who will ask about their plans to close Jones High School? Who will ask them to define their use of 'Island Zones'? Island Zones? Yeah, island zones. Island Zones are nothing more than a system created by the school board to move limited number of Black student from a very localized area to somewhere that will only benefit the board.

Regina Hill, Derrick Wallace and Chadwick Hardee are candidates with backbone and are willing to question any agency's policy when the best interests of the people are at stake. Regina Hill is a candidate for Orlando City Commission District 5, Derrick Wallace is a candidate for Orange County Commission District 6, and Chadwick Hardee is a candidate for Orange County School Board District 3. Different agencies, different parties, these are leaders with the same goals, to work for the people and to cross lines when necessary. We need more candidates like these.

Voters should be willing to cross party lines and district lines to support candidates who will support the important issues and ask the tough questions. Our leaders should be willing to question any agency that is not doing the work for the people in the best interest of the people.

We are a very long way from that in Orange County, Florida, but these three are worth your considerations.

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