The State Of Florida Locks Black Children In The Bathroom For Six Days a Week

MikeScottBy Mike Scott
In 2009, I started mentoring a young man who was headed down the wrong path. Unfortunately, I didn't come in his life soon enough. When I met him at 13 years old, he had already been arrested 9 times. Just a few years later he would be DIRECT FILED (kids sent to ADULT JAILS).

Direct File occurs when a state has given the prosecutor power to file charges against a juvenile directly in adult criminal court. I've mentored kids as young as 13 years old who were sent to ADULT PRISON for NON VIOLENT CRIMES and are still incarcerated as I write this. But let me get back to my main reason for this post.

Over the weekend I received an unexpected phone call from this young man. I hadn't spoken on the phone to him in over 3 years and I hadn't heard from him in 8 months. He called to tell me he was on "CM" close management also known as solitary confinement. He said he has 4 more months "CM" (solitary confinement) but that they we're letting him out 1-2 times a week for 1 hour and he just got phone privileges once a week.

At 16 years old this kid got 10 years for stealing a car WITHOUT A GUN/ DEADLY WEAPON and trying to get away from the police TEN YEARS. He's not gang member and that's part of the reason he's in confinement now. He's a short guy that keeps to himself. So other inmates and gangs try to intimidate him and take advantage of him so he had to protect himself.

Everyone is deserving of humanity. At some point in life we're all going to make one or even a few mistakes, but none of us are perfect. Can you imagine being locked in your bathroom, with nobody to talk to and only let out once a week?

The next time somebody does or says something you don't like, try to ascertain their intent. No matter the circumstances we're all deserving of love and grace.

Mike Scott redTeeEveryone needs someone who believes in them
Someone who will look past their mistakes
Someone who will look at their intent and not their actions or words
Someone who doesn't give up on them
just a little bit of love mixed with a little bit of hope can change someone's life for the better.
                                                                                                                             Mike Scott