Did State Attorney Jeff Ashton Connive With UCF Administrators To Revoke Chad Cronon's White Privilege Card?

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by Lawrence A. Robinson
Chad Cronon was an instructor of legal studies at the University of Central Florida. He also practices law privately.

I met Chad when my political support team needed an attorney to file an injunction against an opponent candidate who was a well known, establishment and status quo, Black attorney who was running for City Council in his mother's shadow.

We wanted a Black attorney to file the injunction, but could not find one who would take the case. Chad Cronon decided to take the case. Chad was white and had tried cases against government entities and won. I advised him of the issues that Black attorneys face in this type of situation, but Chad was confident that he would be triumphant and there would be no issue.

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We met at a Star Bucks Coffee Shop on a Wednesday and worked out a strategy. Chad had classes in the morning, so he would file by one o'clock Friday afternoon and would call me afterwards so that I could continue with the plan.

He told me that he would call State Attorney Jeff Ashton, City of Orlando Lead Attorney and The City of Orlando Clerk, Alena Brenner as a courtesy on Thursday, to advise them of the impending filing.

When I talked to Chad late Friday afternoon, he told me that he made the courtesy calls on Thursday. On Friday morning, while on his way to his first class, he was called into his supervisor's office and was told that his services were no longer needed at the university.

He had received good reviews at his last evaluation. He knew that he wasn't fired for poor job performance. He knew also, that he was being fired to stop the impending injunction that would have been filed a few hours later. He said that he would fight for his job.

How was the decision made to fire Chad Cronon so quickly? It only took about 12 hours to suspend Chad Cronon's 'White Privilege Card.'

Chad supposedly made the calls at 3:00pm on Thursday and at 9:00am on Friday morning he had been fired.

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Chad Cronon, a white attorney, was being treated like a Negro. He told me that he NEVER believed that he would have been fired. He was devastated and the depression which ensued would last the rest of his life.

ChadCrononHe told me that his friends and family whom he hoped would help him get his job back, turned on him, and left him twisting in the wind. He had not business helping that Negro.

Who made that call to stop Chad from filing that injunction? How many people did it take to fire Chad Cronon? Chad was an attorney and a legal instructor at a major university. Chad Cronon, a white man on a job that he loved, was fired because he dared to support the Black community in a big way.

They pulled his white privilege card.

Who at the university assisted in making sure that the injunction never got filed? Could it have been the president or one of the vice presidents? How many people at the university knew about this firing and agreed to keep it quiet?

Chad fought to get his job back. Would there be phone records showing that Chad made a call to State Attorney Jeff Ashton's office on that Thursday? Whom should Chad have asked to investigate his firing, the State Attorney's office? If so, Jeff Ashton would have investigated himself, right?

Shouldn't there exist a report, somewhere at the university that explains why Chad was fired? Chad told me that he would fight for his job. He lost that fight and his white privileges revoked.

Did State Attorney Jeff Ashton connive with administrators of UCF to suspend, revoke and deny reinstatement of Chad Cronon's white privilege card?

I have seen evidence of the White Privilege Card being suspended. This sometimes happens when a Black person thinks they are white and act accordingly. They have to be reeducated as to who they are. Sometimes false charges are brought against them and they may be put away in jail for a time to reevaluate themselves. Sometimes they learn their lesson. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey, never learned.

I seldom witness the White Privilege Card being revoked from a white person without possibility of being reinstatement. Chad Cronon made a grave mistake. A mistake of which he never recovered.

The kind of negative action bestowed on Chad, happens all the time to Black people. Jeff Ashton would deny justice to a Black person just because he can.

Take for instance the Noel Carter case. Even with video in hand of police kicking and tasing a non-threating Black man, Jeff Ashton boldly charge the Black man with two felonies. IMAGINE THAT!

Jeff Ashton with malice and forethought effectively ruined a man's life rather than do his job. Of course, doing his job means suspending the white privileges of cops who got caught brutalizing a Black man. Jeff Ashton is not about to put himself at risk.

Jeff Ashton doesn't deserve a second term at the State Attorneys office. He has failed the community at large and his temperament is not suited for the job of doling out fair justice.

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