JESUS Steering Wheel Cover

JESUS Steering Wheel Cover

Absolute Proof that JESUS Saves

Not long ago my daughter, Lynsley, wanted to go on a weekend trip to visit a friend.  She decided to fly to Texas and asked me to drive her to the airport. Early Friday morning I picked her up driving the SUV I recently purchased for my wife on Valentine's Day. We arrived at OIA. A Sky Cap greets us at the curb. Lynsley only has two bags, one carry on piece and one for cargo. I gave the Sky Cap a generous tip and told my daughter I loved her and to have fun. She had some kind of mild anxiety attack and asked me to walk her into the building. The Sky Cap said that I could leave the SUV at the curb for a few minutes.

So I walked Lynsley inside. Then she said that she was excited and a little scared. I told her to take deep breaths, relax and to think about arriving in Texas. We talked for a few minutes and I decided to get out of there before the airport got too busy.

As I approach my wife's vehicle, I noticed the Sky Cap and a Airport police person standing next to the SUV. As I went around to the driver's side of the vehicle, the Sky Cap saw me and said, "Brother, I told you that you could leave it here for just a FEW MINUTES." The security person was a Black woman. CarCvrSmlShe said, "I started to have you towed, you can't leave a vehicle out here unattended. If it wasn't for this brother, the Sky Cap, you would have been impounded."      Then she glanced down at my windshield, then looked back up at me for a second, and then she walked away.

I looked at my windshield and remembered I had just installed a 'JESUS' steering wheel cover. The name JESUS was showing through the glass and that is what the Airport police lady had seen. I said to myself, wow, JESUS just saved me several hundred dollars in impound fees, not to mention the pain and heart ache I would have endured after telling my wife that her Valentine's gift was sitting in an impound yard.


What better way to show your faith than by displaying a 'Jesus' Steering Wheel cover? You got your hands on Jesus wherever you go. Jesus Steering Wheel Cover, $29.99 plus shipping.

Custom Designed  Steering Wheel Covers

(15" Fits Standard auto and small trucks)


Unique Inspirational Gift:

Buy one for yourself,

and buy one for someone you love!

$29.99 Each, plus S/H


These are beautiful, custom designed, steering wheel covers made of very high quality materials from a Black-owned Company!


Display your faith in the blessed hope of our Lord and Savior
by letting the "JESUS" cover represent your daily guide!

1. Our Savior's name is the focal point
2. The red lettering represents the blood shed on the cross
3. Two gold sections represent His Majesty

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