Jesusby Pastor Joe Flores
Today, I had several conversations with people I just met that proved two very powerful truths to me. You've probably heard people say, usually in a pejorative (negative) context, "there's a church on every corner".My conversations today convinced me that:

(1) regardless of how many churches are on every corner, this world is still full of people who need to

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hear the clear gospel message of Jesus Christ;   and
(2) there are even more people who need to be exposed to sound, relevant basic bible teaching on how to live an abundant life.

The church is losing the battle for souls. We are losing the battle for souls mainly because we're not showing up for battle (evangelism- ministry). There are a myriad of reasons that this condition exists and persists in the kingdom of God and His church, however, my point is not to blow the whistle or point the finger at anybody. Trying to "guilt trip" people into sharing their faith is a feckless, futile, nonproductive method to motivate someone into evangelism or Spirit-led ministry action.

The real solution to this dilemma is to get serious people of faith to open your eyes, take a look around and ask God to make you a credible witness to somebody who needs to hear the real life, plain truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ask God to embolden and equip you, in mind, spirit and soul, to share God's great "Good News" with somebody who crosses your pathway. If we all got busy really hearing God, sharing Jesus and doing what our God has commanded us to do, then the world would need more than one church on every block.

If we could get rid of these fake so-called "revivals" and stop giving our energy and resources to some of these so-called "youth outreaches" that don't reach youth that aren't already reached, we might be able to truly impact the world for the Kingdom of God in a substantial way.

If we cleaned up our act and really got busy about God's business, maybe we could find true north of the gospel message and get there. Jesus was on point when He said "the harvest is ripe..."

Hungry souls are everywhere.

Here is the most important challenge for serious people of faith. We must not only herald the gospel message like never before, we must present to our hungry awaiting harvest a good reason to want to hear the Christ message.

The only way to do that and know that fruit will be produced is through Holy Spirit-led action, working with the power of authentic Christian lives and sharing real testimonies.
I said all that to say this, if you love Jesus, tell somebody the truth about Him, tell them the whole truth and nothing but the truth and watch God use it for His glory. You will see, they will listen and then they will get saved.-Pastor Joe Flores