Jesus Said, "The Poor Will Be With You Always." But So Will The Spineless

spine spinelessby Pastor Joe Flores
I believe that we are living in times where more than ever before true hearted people of faith want and need a powerful experience with God. Every day I am more convinced than ever that people are tired of "church" services that are little more than religious exercise. Entertainment "church" gets old fast, when your heart really needs a Word from God. Religious entertainment is a poor substitute for an authentic, life changing, move of God.

There are some people who will always be denominationally ritualized and religiously habituated into

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kindergarten Christianity. There are some people whose understanding of God is limited to jumping jacks for Jesus and the Holy Ghost slide. Biblical illiteracy and weak theology has reduced, confined and retarded a large portion of God's people to a life that simply decides "I won't complain".

Just as Jesus said, "the poor will be with you always", so will the shallow, carnal and spiritually spineless be with us always. But the Spirit of God has not been dormant. God has been moving upon those He has brought through the fire of affliction, led through the valley of despair and kept through the perfect storm. God is raising a remnant of people who still believe Him above all others and still trust though they be slayed.

God has allowed many of His most anointed, faith-filled servants to go through extreme adversity to muscle them up for the latter day attack of the enemy. These are the times when those who truly hunger and thirst to please Him are being tested for persistence, dedication and sincere love for our Lord. Those of us who've tasted His goodness willingly submit to whatever He calls us to go through.

We do so not because we are inherently spiritual. We do so because we've tasted the goodness of the Lord. Just one taste of the goodness of the Lord and your soul gets hungrier for His mighty presence.

Yes, there are still a whole lot of kiddie Christians who like baby food and playing tag on their church playground. But I hear God calling deep unto deep. I see God empowering a remnant of His people to be chain breakers, anointing them by His Spirit to be destiny shapers and manifesting His power to accomplish His will and purpose in their lives. This is the substance of a real move of God and this is the work of the Lord in this season and it is marvelous.
-Pastor Joe Flores

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