Words Matter

wordsmatterby Pastor Joe Flores
Psalms 45:1 (PT1)
My heart is stirred by a noble theme
as I recite my verses for the king;
my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer.
This passage of scripture spoke to my heart this morning during my personal devotion and worship time with the Lord. Let me share a just little of ( part 1) what the Rhema of the Holy Spirit gave to me this morning on this scripture.

When David said, ' My heart is stirred by a noble theme...." he was revealing how kind conversation,

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compassionate counsel and edifying admonition, coming from our hearts, have such high value to people of status, influence and power. 

David was sharing how the Lord had so developed his thinking that he came to greatly appreciate "beautiful words".

Whenever the poetry writing, music making King hears right thinking, spoken beautifully with kindness, gentleness and love his heart was moved. He gets inspired in the depths of his soul when he hears right words spoken in love.

All to often our environment conditions us to hear the negative, harsh, degrading, insidiously insulting, non productive, pejorative words that are all around us. These provocative words get into our souls. Our soul absorbs these words in its psyche and before you know it, we are speaking this way to others and worst, to ourselves.

Since I've had to address this problem in my own life, I've learned that speaking inspiring, edifying, uplifting "noble" words to yourself and others is a deliberate, intentional purposeful act that happens by our own will and decision making faculties. Good and noble self-talk and communication with others is not automatic. It can become habitualized with much practice and sincere repetition, however diligent effort to monitor your thoughts and speech is required. Beautiful and uplifting communication demands that we master one of the most difficult things mentioned in the holy scriptures, "tame your tongue".

In plain language 'taming your tongue' means controlling your words. Fortunately this is not the impossible task that some may think it is. As you practice temperance in your speech, you will begin to see how right words, spoken in love are powerful. They motivate, inspire, boost and stimulate the hearts of those who receive them. They elevate their hearers to greater levels of personal fortitude and strength.

On the other hand, critiquing, fault- finding, bad mouthing and insulting, belittles others and plunges our own souls into an abyss of bitterness, depression and degradation. It is noble to speak life instead of death. Conversely, corrupt communication reflects poorly on our home-training, spirituality, upbringing and character. When we communicate in harmful ways, using vile language we lose the respect of others and abandon dignity for ourselves.
(PT !) -Pastor Joe Flores

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