I Am Absent From The Church Assembly, But I Remain Humble

JamesDeshay Beardby James T. DeShay
Success does not give anyone the right to be arrogant! It also does not mean your walk is being blessed by God. I am a true believer and I presently don't have a church home. I have been absent from the assemble for over ten years. My upbringing has enabled me to remain humble despite my ability to remain afloat financially. I also remain a dreamer.

I believe that my creator will reward my efforts. When I hear successful people belittling others who have not reached their level of success it makes me see them in a negative light. Donald Trump is a symbol of greed. Those who truly believe in helping the less fortunate should seek to lift them from the quagmire that keeps them from reaching their person goals.

We all have areas of our lives that need intervention. On a personal level I am a hopeless romantic;

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but I have been unsuccessful twice in marriage. My life in many ways has displayed the teaching of Christianity and the benefits of being a believer. My ability to feed myself and the people I love can't be questioned. On the other hand, I have not always been a good steward as the bible has suggested a Christian person should be always. Some of the risks I took were not well thought out. I failed on a number of entrepreneurial pursuits. I don't think my failures were the will of God or my being punished for my shortcomings. In all honesty, I accept my failures as life lessons. I would rather be a dreamer and a believer than be a rich nonbeliever. I would rather accept my loses while reaching for the stars than being a wealthy saver of my buried income.

My need and desire to be wealthy is to be a blessing to those around me. The overflow would be used to fund my efforts to save those who might not have had the same opportunities I have experienced. The thought of criticizing people who have less money or education than myself would make me a believer of myself. The statement heard around the world "There but by by the grace of God goes I," resonates within me, as I was blessed with great parents and good community direction. I owe a large debt to the positive people who have crossed my path. I spend my life trying to be a positive force in the world without boasting and beating my chest and saying "look at what I have accomplished." Each day gives me a chance to show I am worthy. I want my legacy to be the knowledge I share with others, which is to embrace service.

My books are the birthplace of my Father's spirit within me. I want others to read and embrace the humanity that exists in my being. Money will never be the true measurement of success. How many lives have you redirected from the darkness? I don't have to be a permanent fixture in a church to tell the world that I am a believer. My walk and Love for people should speak for me. I want all who are within my reach to know that as I reach for the stars, I freely reach back to be a vehicle for the success of others as well. Any strong and hurtful words that I use will be followed up with Love for the child of my Father in Christ. Successful people truly need to be careful that they don't get too full of themselves and know that things they believe are blessings from God.

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