Black Pastors Supporting Trump Does Not Represent The Moral Conscience and Social Heart of Black People

Trump Bibleby Attorney Camara Williams
Let us first address the dynamic of the "African American Preacher" and his congregation. It has been well expounded upon that after reconstruction era all the way until the end of the civil rights movement in the 70's. The Black preacher was considered the moral mouthpiece, heart, leader and often times "oral" newspaper for the community.

This was due to a number of different reasons: Jim Crow laws not allowing blacks to congregate

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besides places of worship, segregation causing blue collar families and white collar families to live in the same community, and thus worship together, and lastly the preacher was considered the person in which city-county leaders would request they communicate to their parishioners topics and issues of the day. It is because of that system in which many sought their social and political guidance from their minister. So while the person of the cloth may or may not be politically motivated. They were undoubtedly trusted (thrusted?!?) in the position of political figure.

Times have....shifted. Blacks are no longer living in regimented communities designated by race. Blacks no longer congregate in the same social setting, and furthermore African Americans as a whole no longer need their minister to deliver information to them. In the age of Internet and social media, education is just one click away (studies show more Americans in general are starting to receive their "news" from non traditional mediums-moving away from cable and print).

What has not changed is the importance of religion in the African American household, and how it impacts our daily lives. We still look for our ministers to deliver a word of encouragement, a prayer for comfort, and a message of Gods love. Ministers have, was and still are our moral barometer in which we look for guidance.

So when I hear a bunch of ministers are co-signing a man who believes in removing millions of people from their homes physically-tearing apart families-and getting this idea from a plan called "operation wet-back"...

When I see ministers co-signing a man who believes in a racist agenda propagated by white supremacist by the retweeting of a graphic, and refers to my race as "The Blacks" ...

When I see ministers co-signing a man who looks at women in an antiquated sexist view...

And with me raising a daughter to break the world-not conform too it. Me seeing all this not only turns my stomach, but tells me that ministers co-signing this man, does not represent my moral conscience and social heart. Both of which I use to decide if this man or woman of the cloth, is my spiritual leader. I do not see Jesus in a man who believes in those things and I do not see Jesus in the thinking of someone who endorses such an attitude.

I don't care if they are Republican or Democrat, I care about if you see people the way I see people.
Be Blessed.


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