What is the Digital Billboard Anyway?

Okay, in plain terms, this is how our Digital Billboard system is designed to work.
1. Place your advertising banner on Community Steeple newsmagazine where 40,000 people will see it monthly.

2. Let's assume 1% of those that see your advertising are interested enough in your company to click your advertising banner. One percent of 40,000 is 400. So it is estimated that about 400 people will click your banner.

3. Your profile web page (landing page), on UrbanOrlandoBusiness.com opens up and the 400 consumers will read your information and watch your video. On your web page is a capture element that possibly 10% of the 400 people will leave their basic information. Ten percent of 400 visitors means that approximately 40 people will leave their information for you.

4. You will now have the names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of 40 people who are interested in what you have to offer. You make the calls and possibly sell 20% of those people. Twenty percent of 40 means that you gain about 8 new customers monthly.

This scenario depicts a simple marketing and sales plan. Build Black Daily and The BootStrapping Project will help you set up this plan.
One Time Setup: $74.99
Monthly Subscription: $39.99

Total First month: $114.98 Includes setup.

*Obviously, we can't guarantee that the numbers will work out in the manner described because control and content are shared by all parties involved. The most important thing to remember is that all of this can be tweaked at your discretion to improve the outcome.

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