Can I get the HOOK-UP please!

happy senior Black manI walked into my favorite cigar store to purchase cigars. When I walked into the humidor, there were two staff members inventorying and stacking product.

I immediately spoke up and said, "looks like you got some free samples." One staff guy asked me what do I like? I said 'Maduros.' He walked over to a shelf picked up a cigar and said, 'what about this?' I said thanks, then glanced at the price.

I told him this was a lot more than I normally pay for a cigar. He said that's fine, don't worry about it. But next time you come back, let me know what you think." WOW.

I picked up my normal mixture of cigars and headed for the checkout where I had no issues with the cashier .

I almost always ask for a discount where ever I shop, and I usually always get it. When people ask me for a discount, I generally give it. Business owners must learn to structure prices to serve the client in a way that helps to create long term repeat customers.