For Black Business Owners, Sales Is War!

Sun TzuLawrence A Robinson
Tactics and strategies. Tactics and strategy are used interchangeably but they are very different. Tactics perform a single task that is designed to generate a certain type of outcome that contributes to a bigger picture goal. Strategy is a collection of tactics all working together cohesively to deliver that higher goal.

If you Google the term 'marketing strategies', then you will probably end up on a blog post that list tactics. You will see the likes of Google ads and Facebook ads and SEO and Content Marketing and E-mail Marketing. These are all individual tactics they are not strategies.

On their own, tactics have very little impact at all because they're not part of an overall system. A bunch of isolated tactics is not a strategy and if they're not part of a system they lack real impact.

If you think about your smart phone, there are a number of different devices within that phone all performing a very specific task. The keypad device on its own lacks any kind of impact. It only really has an impact when it's part of the overall smart phone system and those parts are all working together to do what the phone is intended to do.

So the underlying message there is that you can have plenty of marketing tactics but if they're not all cohesively working together as part of a system, then they're struggling uncessarily.

Your business needs a system of tactics all working together cohesively to guide your audience. That is exactly what a marketing funnel gives you. It is a complete and coordinated and progressive marketing strategy and system that guides your niche market audience into happy customers and that is exactly what you need for your businesss.

In business just like in war, SUN TZU will say, you need a system that will guide you from one battle to the next.


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