In Marketing, You Gotta Hit The Sweet Spot To Make A Difference

Creative marketingBy Lawrence A Robinson
If your marketing isn't producing the results that you think it should be producing, 90% of the time it's just a question of volume. Maybe you are just not doing enough marketing.

Marketing is just a business function, just like inventory or Public Relations, sales or the legal aspects of a business. They are all business functions that require time, energy, money, investment in order to get them to work.

Too often, business owners believe that blasting a few professional images of their products on FaceBook or a couple of videos talking about their services on Youtube and their marketing will blow up, go viral and suddenly they are living their dreams. No. That's not the way it happens. The reality is, these business owners probably just haven't done enough marketing.

So, the first marketing tactic, is to identify your marketing sweet spot. In this very simple graph, you can see exactly what is meant by the marketing sweet spot.

From this graph, you can see where your business fall and where the vast majority of small business fall and you know exactly what you need to do. Just keep pushing through. Don't dial back, you will just cause yourself more frustration. Don't pivot, just keep going forward.

In this rudimentary bell curve, on the left we have what we call the minimum viable exposure. Until you are in this range, nothing that you doSweetSpot bellcurve matters. When your marketing volumn reaches this area, you are making minimum sales. The minimum viable exposure is sort of like making that one post on social media that people may see one time, you may get far less customers than you thought you would so you swear of marketing.

The reality is, you just haven't hit the minimum viable exposure. There isn't enough momentum or touch points or exposures and engagements with the audience that you're trying to attract. Unfortunately, this is where 90% of businesses fall. It's like they are half committing to different strategies, or switching tactics to quickly and not succeeding at any.

You gotta push through to reach the sweet spot. This is where you're going to find the saturation of your market. The sweet spot is where you will hit the number of touch point that are required. You are making sure that the people that you want to reach are actually seeing your content. You are going to make sure that you've essentially saturated everything that you can.

This sweet spot is huge, it is massive. You haven't even scratched the surface of what you are capable of doing and for the amount of people that you could reach. So you could go from one post a day to five post a day, from one YouTube video a week to one or two YouTube video a day. And for Twitter, one post an hour isn't too many.

At some point, you may reach the third area of the graph which we call the area diminishing returns. There is going to be some point where more effort, more time isn't gonna pay off. Very, very few businesses ever reach that point. It's when a company is spending maybe, a million dollars a month on ads and they simply can't get in front of more people with their ads. So they're doing blogging, podcasting, they're doing SEO and everything else that you can think of but fail to get more customers.

So the sweet spot is where you want to be. The best piece of advice, is to do more. Of course, you need to be strategic and think through it.

So the take away from this first tactic is, DO MORE.