7 Essential Tactics For Creating a Black Eatery’s Strategic Marketing Plan

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The Recap and Offer
7 Essential Tactics For Creating a Black Eatery’s Strategic Marketing Plan

These two pages details all the relevant information needed for you to get started.
Here is a little company background and some benefits of using our service.

Community Steeple Media, LLC reaches over 2 million residents annually who live mostly in Central Florida. We reach residents using social media, of course, but we can control the message and the niche marketing more efficiently by using our own systems alongside social media platforms.
1. CommunitySteeple.com - An online newsmagazine where local popular writers publish news and articles that are important to residents. Advertising placed here reaches over 40,000 people monthly.

2. UrbanOrlandoBusiness.com - A black business online directory. Your eateries profile listing is linked to CommunitySteeple.com so that potential customers clicking on your advertising banner gets to see your story with up to 20 images of your delicious food and your videos as well.

3. E-mail Marketing - Our in-house system allows us to create simple e-mail blast announcements or multiple e-mail sequences to create funnels for a memorable customer journey.

4. SMS Marketing - Our in-house system allow us to create and send simple text messages or mix it up with E-mail marketing to create a superior customer experience which will generate long term repeat customers for you.

5. We read and analyze the statistics generated from marketing similar eateries to gauge the effectiveness of the campaign, and tweak it where necessary.

Our experience in successful marketing stems from years of working in the Public Relations, business and political marketing and information brokering. We know how to get your story out quickly and effectively.

When working with politicians, we learned how to get a complete unknown person, to a position of, ‘everyone in the district knows their name,’ within 90 days or so.

We helped a business open up a 2nd location in half the time they thought that it would take.

We believe that our services will be of great value to you, and will help you reach your goals within your planned timeframe.

Our product was developed specifically to help Black owned eateries and other businesses to create long term repeat customers.


Community Steeple Media, LLC (407) 615-4066
Urban Orlando Business

We’ve developed a seamless transition process that will allow you to onboard without stress or delay. Our two person team will work with you to establish a specific timeline, and will support you throughout the transition process.

                                                                    *Sample Measurable Goals                                Write Your Goals Here

Increase revenue 50% from your existing core services over the next 12 months                                                                                                       
Generate 50 new customers through the webpage next 90 days                                                       
Set 25 potential catering events meetings for Oct. thru Dec  
Issue 10 proposals/quotes from the 25 meetings  
Win five new customers worth $50,000 or more  
Cross-sell $10,000 to existing customers  



Phase 1. Setup/$299.99 – monthly/$199.99 – Embrace Your Niche – Client Base Builder

Landing Page Your video(s)
E-mail Capture

Social Media friendly

E-mail Marketing Advertising in CommunitySteeple.com
Full web page listing Two Press Releases per year
Drip/Funnel E-mail Marketing Up to 20 Pictures 



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 *There may be additional fees for some forecasting features.