Unprepared Business People Are Eaten By The Big Fish

money bait fish huntingMike Felix shares, 'Absolutely AMAZING words from Juanita Rollins Coley'
Something I learned early on in business. Stop hunting for the big fish! Thinking it will change your life! It won't!

The big fish will come and eat you if you're unprepared. Perfect your craft on the bait and smaller fish.
Here's a few reasons why this is sound advice:

1. It builds and perfects your product/service offering (you can't be out here saying you do one thing and can't deliver. It's damaging to your brand. And while Big fish may never say anything directly to you about your performance they WILL black ball you behind the scenes. I've seen it way to many times)

2. It builds stamina to even hunt the big fish (trust me it takes work to pull in, prepared and eat, a big one)

3. You build consistent revenue. Know that just because it's not a "Big Fish" meaning revenue/brand does NOT mean free or cheap. The majority of my revenue has come from brands you don't even know. Yet you generally get excited when I tell you I've worked for Google. While it was the "small fish" that prepared me for that contract.

Yes you've likely heard the saying "It takes the same 20 mins to make a hundred as it does to make a million"

But the part they leave out is what it took to become the person/business that can do a million in 20. The person who's doing a million in 20 mins is NOT the same person who's doing a hundred in 20 mins they are different is so many ways.

Take the time to learn, perfect your craft, most of all do the work, and then worry about "big fish/brands".

Mike Felix

Mike Felix is a Digital Sales Coach possessing a passion for scaling small businesses, solopreneur ventures, and non-profits through leveraging technology, social media and business development tactics.    https://www.facebook.com/iammikefelix