Walmart Is Spending On Public Relations But Not On Employees

WalmartSignby Cynthia Wheeler
So Walmart is giving pennies for good Public Relations. I am not going to ask the non profits turn down the monies but as a society can we decline to sit at Walmart on Black Friday? We will show that we will take our business other places and demand that Walmart give their employees a bonus, and better wages. If they do not we can spend our Christmas dollars at places other than their big box store.

I will do my best not to shop for groceries and other things at Walmart, even if it means driving

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further. How many people will be our sister and brothers keeper by exercising the power of our dollars? We are not helpless. Individually my money will not impact Walmart but the collective wealth of the poor is huge.

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I would ask all my food stamp recipients to take their SNAP benefits to other businesses. if you work for Walmart and do not earn enough to live, and receive food stamps, spend them elsewhere. Walmart is not the only company but it is the most visible company.

Let our monies speak for us. If you support this send it in a private message to your friends and other contacts. I am not asking anyone to put themselves in a position for retaliation. If you don't work for Walmart cut and paste this to all your friends. This message is very important. Let's start a movement together.


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