The Village Square Mall Hosts Nancy Pelosi and Val Demings

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Ms. Nancy Pelosi is the Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives and served as the 52nd Speaker of the United States House of Representatives from 2007 to 2011. She found time to come to Orlando in support of Val Demings' who is running for the US House to Represent the 10th Congressional District of Florida.

The event was held at the Village Square Mall in the Washington Shores community. This turned out to be a fitting venue considering the historical elements of the area and it is the stated center of Black Commerce in Orlando.

George Coar is the facilities manager at the Village Square Mall and he had the honor of introducing Candidate Val Demings. Mr. Coar gave a brief history

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of the Village Square Mall pointing out the 'business incubator' status of the facility. Mr. Coar spoke of several businesses that have used this facility and have moved on to increased opportunity.

See George Coar's comments here (Video). 

Both Candidate Val Demings and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, spoke of the need to grow Black owned businesses and commented on The Village Square Mall owners aggressive posture to help create and to grow Black owned businesses.

Mr. Coar would like to see The Village Square Mall become the business focal point of the Washington Shores Community.

The Village Square Mall houses over 30 businesses, from a chiropractor to a neighborhood pharmacy. Of course there is a Soul Food restaurant and a sandwich shop located on premises. There are barber shops and beauty salons, jewelry and clothing stores also.

The mall as it stands now is the vision of Bishop Allen T. D. Wiggins. Bishop Wiggins is the Senior Pastor of the Hope Church. The Village Orlando Management Company which manages the mall and other properties, is also part of Bishop Wiggins vision.

The vision statement of the church is, 'To change the community by meeting the needs of the total man. Those needs includes economic development, housing, and the spiritual component, we try to encompass all of those' said Mr. Coar.

The reason for the press conference as explained by Mr. Coar, is we would like our people to know who our leaders are and who our potential leaders are. Welcoming everyone and giving them opportunity to present themselves and their vision for the community is the agenda.

George Coar, Val Demings, and Nancy Pelosi talked about how Black on Black business is very important. Strengthening local Black businesses will create economic strength to the area while increasing the tax base and supporting government functions.

George Coar says, "It's okay to be Black in Orlando and own a business. It's okay to be a Black consumer and to support Black business. And we are committed to growing the Black economy." The Village Square Mall is supporting the community and Black entrepreneurs. What about you?