The Top Three Reasons Why Your Side Hustle Should Be In Urban Orlando Business

UrbanOrlandoBusiness Logo According to the last Census, the average Black business generates less than $80,000 annually and 67.3% of those generate less than $30,000 annually. They have zero or maybe one employee and little training in how to actually manage a business.

Because of low income, they can't usually afford to invest in training or advertising campaigns to generate clients.

Urban Orlando Business Directory and The BootStrapping Project team have designed a cloud and community based system to support the average Black business with very low cost and very high quality solutions that solve the top three issues that Black business struggles with.

1. Web Page/Capture Page -- You get a full featured directory web page. There is ample space to display up to ten pictures with an e-mail capture form built right in. Clients can contact you directly from your web page, by social media, e-mail or leave their information in the capture form.

2. Two minute video -- Yeah, you get to upload your company's promo video and stream it from your profile's web page. How neat is that?

3. E-mail Marketing -- After capturing a bunch of addresses, what ya gonna do? We will help you create a marketing campaign that automatically does follow up with your potential clients.

4. Credit Repair -- As a small business owner, a good credit rating allows you to pay less interest when you borrow money or buy equipment. Stop paying 20% on your borrowed money.

5. RecordKeeping -- The IRS require businesses to keep records. Believe me when I say, 'it is in your best interest to have a good organized recordkeeping system in place.'

6. Tax Avoidance -- Yeah, tax AVOIDANCE is legal and the IRS recommends that you arrange your business affairs in such a way, that you pay the least amount required. A Side Hustler should use tax form Schedule 'C' to itemize business expenses that he can't otherwise claim.

7. Pod Cast Appearance -- Yep, you could be a guest on one of our pod cast. Talk about your hustle, talk about yourself, make some money.

8. Accountability -- We will help you to create a step by step organized structured plan designed to grow your company and we talk to you weekly to help you stay on track. That will be fun.

What's your top 3 reasons to build a profile on UrbanOrlandoBusiness starting at $14.99 month?* Call me, Lawrence A Robinson, (407) 615-4066.

*Phase One - one time setup $24.99
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