Mario J. Hicks Will Tow Your Car and Bring You Hope

MarioJHicksBy Mario J. Hicks
A message to the #BlackBusinessOwners. It's our duty to help one another, it's our duty to support each other, and when we see something wrong, it is our duty to try to lend a hand.

I see a lot of us sit back and watch people self destruct and not willing to call, text, email, or even stop by and have a conversation. We are dead wrong for that. We should even stop by in person and say hey I see this and it don't look good.

From a customer/owner standpoint this don't look right. A lot of people don't listen, I get it. But if you haven't tried, how can you say that you are really supporting?

I believe in supporting people through love. OTC Towing may not be perfect, but after 11 plus years I am able to help some people. This is an everyday thing for me, not a 'sometime' this week thing.

Wanna start a business, wanna build a food truck, wanna know the best equipment to get, in order to get your job done? I'm well versed in a lot of areas. I'm here for the people 24/7. I'll help you at no charge/cost. Hit me up.

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