Ideas for Sales & Brand Building during Covid-19

It is really tough out here, but with your will, there is a way. What people consume has not changed as much as how they consume it.
Spend these days indoors creating new content to give a significant boost in your brand awareness. Use this time to experiment in the space of products if you provide a service or vice versa. This is also the time to create professional relationships and stack your network, which ultimately leads to different audiences, campaigns and channels of revenue.


Here are a couple of feasible ideas for you to incorporate in your sales and marketing strategies.

Fitness Trainers

How can you provide a service as a fitness trainer if you’re unable to physically interact with people? I say, expand into food or product.

Fitness gear –Under the instructions of every Gold’s Gym equipment I have purchased, reads, “"This product contains one or more chemical's known to the state of California to cause cancer" …Under the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, warning labels must be placed on products with chemicals that have proven to cause cancer in amounts larger than what the California government has decided is a “safe harbor number.”

Perhaps you can design some gloves, yoga mats, resistance bands, joint sleeves/wraps and ergonomic barbells that will not ironically kill us as we workout.

Another option is to track down the founders of new fitness equipment that is new to the market and become the face and personality of their brand.

Workout fashion line - Fitness bras and undergarments, running/training socks, leotards and sweatbands are some great workout apparel ideas to bring to market. Picture the ideal age, gender, and interests of your target market and design pieces for that geographic.

Earphones- If you can produce a set of earphones that are stylish, sustainable, and new tech ready, you could be the official brand of earphones for fitness enthusiasts.

Food/snacks- Food prep is time consuming. Lack of food prep leads people to binge eat or make impulsive, unhealthy food selections. Freshly package and deliver 7 day meals to your members who are actively changing their fitness and health lifestyle.

Elevate your craft- Invest in learning different physical trainings, activities and practices from around the world. You could be the one to bring it to Western society!
Choreograph your own dance/workout routine, like Zumba or create a new ambiance like Soul Cycle, then use all your social channels to showcase this new exercise trend to gain popularity and organically spread worldwide. Then, you are in the position to get your new workout craze into the gyms once they re-open.

Capitalize on zoning your workout and brand. All hail Ms. Core Queen, Madame Glutes, Lady Legs & Baby Breaks Backs. Ha! I made those up but ….be known for your arms, back or your core for example and wire your workout classes, meal plans, pics and exercise methods to specify it.


Bakers and Chefs

Sell outside the cake box- Let’s say you make the best pistachio cakes and pecan pies in the world. If not purchased traditionally through a restaurant or bakery, how can people get their hands on them? Try mason jars! Summer season, a.k.araining season, is almost over so you can set up a tent. Or deliver a pack of 3 mason jars stuffed with your best moistened, layered, aesthetically pleasing cakes and pies to individuals with a sweet tooth or to expecting mothers for baby showers galore! E-commerce is also booming so rethinking changingyour packaging to mason jars may be the way to get into the game.

Buy a Food truck- Food on wheels is recession proof! With that being said,think of all the easy to make dishes that you love and narrow them down to around six options. They should be authentic and set the mood. If you want to hit the lunch time traffic, keep the food selection light and refreshing. Instead of the main streets of your city or town, park by the warehouse districts, community colleges and call centers.


Is there something about your food containers and/or food storage would you change? Can you imagine an exclusive cutlery set with your name on it? Or a new and improved anti-bacterial cutting board or cutting board spray that revolutionizes the industry, wow!


Become a local celebrity- Behind the places and things that you love in your city, is a business owner who wouldn’t mind more exposure. They are looking for ways to get the word out there that they are open during the pandemic. So, go into every spot that is genuine to your voice, and make a deal with the decision maker.

Brand Collaberation- DM all of your favorite independent upcoming or major brands to collaborate on an exclusive line of shoes, makeup, jewelry and apparel. Rihanna does it for Christian Dior & Puma, why can’t you?

Hone in, then magnify your talent or craft -For example, if you are pursuing an acting career, join your local acting groups and network. Reach out to small, indie directors and producers and work for free. If you are a writer as well, write short films or a mini-series for your YouTube channel.

If your passion is singing, contact every producer in your town, sing and send them a hook for one of their tracks free of charge. Exposure.

Get into Podcasting- Maybe journalism is your gift. Whether you’re tackling current events or the newest celebrity gossip, podcasting is a great way to differentiate your voice and personal brand. Because you have already established a community, joining a podcasting network is one option.

However, the easiest and most efficient form of entry is to download Podomaticor Soundcloud. You can literally start your podcast today!


Host Virtual Sip and Paint events- A glass of wine and paintbrushes can make for a really good time and means for artists. Have how-to sessions or perhaps create a date night experience or a girls only party once or twice a month.

Download an app like Eventbrite to allow your community to see your event schedule, sign up, pay, and receive tickets for your virtual events.

Branch into Interior design- Home owners look for authenticity to display. It may pay off to branch into custom accent walls, tiles, acrylic floors, cabinets and counter tops. Partner with some contractors and real estate agents to incorporate your work in their model, new and/or upgraded homes.


Improve the brushes, blowpipes, pottery turning wheels, carving tools canvas, colors & paints and build an artist supply empire.


Design a line of hair tools -Custom combs, brushes, hair dryers & straighteners made for women with various hair textures could be the ideal way to break through the hair industry.

Produce hair extensions and clip-ins- Maybe you could keep in stock a certain type of hair and sell direct to consumer. Or perhaps you could sell braiding, crochet hair and all other extensions to your local stylists who can then capitalize by providing them to their clients.

Create and sell custom wigs & half wigs. According to Google, there are over 22,200 monthly searches for “crochet wigs near me.” Imagine the number for “custom hair frontals wigs.”


Makeup Artists

Exclusive Online Makeup Sessions- Set up a free makeup makeover with your local news team. Build a rapport and set up makeup sessions with upcoming brides, prom participants and graduates, weeks prior to their special occasion.

What about your eyebrow or makeup kit would you make better? Is it the stencil? How about the brushes that are included? Whatever it is, solve that problem!

Makeup brand -It may seem like this market is oversaturated, however, contrary to belief, the makeup industry remains unfragmented. The majority of all makeup sales still sits with a couple of international brands. The good news is the internet has literally evened the playing field. I would formulate the perfect one thing, then sell the hell out of it. Once you’ve created a buzz, grow your collection.

I say, get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Never is there one deciding factor or independent variable in entrepreneurship.So, embrace the change in directions of your journey while keeping steadfast to your goals on the road to success.

By Lynsley Robinson,
Founder of Been On Brand