Is This A Good Example of Bad Marketing?

Bad MarketingI have seen some bad marketing campaigns over the years, but placing a picture poster of a couple having a nice romantic dinner on the door of a filthy gas station bathroom, is at the top of my list.

No, you probably don't want to advertise your healthy living business with a picture of a bikini clad skinny model with a cigarette hanging out of her lips. But, an image of well-dressed healthy guy with a long cigar, standing next to a nice car in front of a big house, is good marketing for the luxury living life style.

What makes a marketing effort good or bad is the extent to which it impacts the business results of the company, product or service being marketed.

Good marketing has a positive effect on business results, and bad marketing has a negative effect or no effect on business results.

Handing out business cards to criminal suspects in the lobby of the police station makes sense if you are a bail bondsman. Promoting your security company with pictures of you forcefully taking down a 65 year old grandma offender, probably won't get you the new business that you want.

A great looking billboard placed in just the right locations can do wonders for your branding. That kind of marketing can start a conversation about you. Of course, follow up is key, but that's another article.

A measure of marketing effort's quality, such as "we reached 1 million people," "we really stood out from the competition," and "we built awareness" is a secondary measure that only counts if it eventually leads to business results. It doesn't matter how many 'likes' you get on social media, or how many followers you have, if it doesn't lead to improving the state of your business.

Reaching your niche audience is very important in branding your company. Branding is all about making your company 'well though of' and making it 'top of  mind.' You want your company's brand to be mentioned in a positive way when your industry is talked about around the water cooler.

Don't evaluate your marketing by how great the ad creative is, or how flashy the web site is, or how clever your Facebook posts are. The only measure of whether your marketing is good or bad is how well it encourages customers to act in ways that improve your business results.

Unless your company has a marketing department that can handle the nuances of advertising and marketing, you might consider outsourcing that part of your business.

If you are thinking about outsourcing your marketing, or just want to talk to a marketing person who has your best interest at heart, consider


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