The Real Reason The Pope Is Retiring

Pope-Benedict-XVIThere are accusations that the Pope Benedict XVI is retiring to avoid arrest by a government and a respected child abuse watchdog group for covering up child abuse and protecting child abusers. 

This past Sunday was the final Sunday of Pope Benedict XVI. He is doing something that no Pope has done in over 600 years. He is retiring. The official Vatican explanation for the Pope’s retirement is that he no longer has the mental or physical strength to lead the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics.

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A Generation Of PREYING Pastors?

PastorPulpitToday thousands of people right here in Hampton Roads and across the nation will go to churches and sit at the feet of pastors. Many of these pastors started churches or began to pastor in the past 10 years. Ninety percent of them are ill prepared to pastor and cannot pastor themselves much less anyone else.

They should not be in the position of pastor at all. They are childish, immature, insensitive, rude, fussy, full of themselves, classless, without revelation, and they are not due honor. Their lack or prayer glares so brightly that it is blinding to their un-discerning sheep.  Many of their sheep are silly, infatuated women who are in desperate need of some man's, approval to consider herself worthy of her own personage.

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The Incarnation

Christ Pantocrator
Regarding redemption, God begins with the most mind boggling of tasks by becoming that thing which we call the incarnation. It is not just something else that he did, it is what He became. It is His self-initiated diminishment that has confounded the sages, philosophers, religious academia and perplexed even the most uncommon of human intellects.

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Business And The Church

MoneyCross1There is a lot of water cooler talk these days about doing business in the Black church. Where there is talk, there is also plenty of opinion. The common argument is that the Black church should not have a business side. I think the discussion should not necessarily be about doing business in the Black church, or doing business with the Black church. The discussion should be about doing the business OF the Black church.

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Why Are We Here and How Did We Get Here?

Not long ago, I commented on a blog titled, “Why Are Humans Here?” There was much discussion as to why we are here. The comments came from all angles and all manner of people, atheist, nonbelievers, Christians, agnostics, laymen and scientists.

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