Church Stateby Dr. Henry Vernon
In order for mankind to truly return to God with his whole heart, it is absolutely necessary that the individual have freedom of choice in regard to worship and religion so as to be able to follow his conscience and be led of God. The ONLY worship and service acceptable to God is true hearted service; anything forced or pretended is an abomination before God. “Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.” Romans 14:5.

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Why Are Enemies Necessary?

Why do we need enemies?I know you still may be thinking, “Is there really no other way for God to accomplish His goals for us except with this ‘slay the giants’ routine?”

This is a good question. Most of us who have been around church for a while are comfortable with a more benign scenario. Aren’t Christians supposed to be nice, peaceable folks known for loving others and doing good deeds? Why should such people have enemies?

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LeadershipGiving instruction and direction is a function of leadership. Everyone is born with a leadership gene. Everyone one is born with the capacity to instruct and direct. Men are purposed to be fathers and women are purposed to be mothers by the leadership gene that is embedded into our DNA.


By virtue of the need for family development and guidance, God deposited leadership capability in us all. However, the variable that demands concern is the scope of our leadership authority. The extent or limitation of our scope of leadership authority is what often complicates the leadership issue. 


Salvation Is Key

salvation is key

It is the most unpopular of all gospel truths in the days we live, but it must be preached in spite of that because it is His Word. True salvation includes Jesus as Lord, not just Jesus as Savior. It seems everybody wants Him as a Savior, but few want Him as Lord.


If Christ by the Holy Spirit, doesn't influence your life choices, decisions, and the formation of your inner person, you cannot claim Him as Lord. If He is not your Lord, He can not be your Saviour. The Savior Jesus, cannot be separated from the Lord Jesus.

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Wisdom & Understanding: Walking The Talk

seek wisdom-Wisdom rests in the heart of a man of understanding, but it makes itself known even in the midst of fools.

Wisdom has many interesting colloquial definitions but for the truly practical thinker, the plain speak person who isn't impressed with tactile verbiage, I am defining wisdom in the most plain but etymologically correct language possible. The Hebrew word for wisdom used here is “chakmah”.