Business And The Church

MoneyCross1There is a lot of water cooler talk these days about doing business in the Black church. Where there is talk, there is also plenty of opinion. The common argument is that the Black church should not have a business side. I think the discussion should not necessarily be about doing business in the Black church, or doing business with the Black church. The discussion should be about doing the business OF the Black church.

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The Incarnation

Christ Pantocrator
Regarding redemption, God begins with the most mind boggling of tasks by becoming that thing which we call the incarnation. It is not just something else that he did, it is what He became. It is His self-initiated diminishment that has confounded the sages, philosophers, religious academia and perplexed even the most uncommon of human intellects.

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United Fellowship Of Community Churches, International Makes Its Mark

This article originally published in West Orlando News Online.

HoltPattenThe United Fellowship of Community Churches International, held it’s First Holy Convocation on Friday, December 7, 2012, at the Christ Open Door Community Church located on Parramore Avenue in Orlando, Fl. The UFCCI was formed about a year ago when the Inception Service was held January 20, 2012. Attendees of The Inception Service witnessed the Consecration Ceremony of the Chief Overseer, Dr. Leonard O. Holt.

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