Did You Know That Workforce Florida has Changed to Career Source?

CareerSourceFloridaby Roger Caldwell
"It's as if we've all McDonald's franchise holders. We all have the same look, the same menu. Are the brand police going to come after me," says Rusty Skinner, CEO of workforce in Citrus, Levy, and Marion counties.

In February 2014, there was a major name change with Workforce Florida, with 24 regional workforce boards, and 100 career centers. The new name becomes CareerSource Florida, and each regional board will use the new brand with regional identifiers, such as CareerSource Palm Beach County, and CareerSource Broward.

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fmbossby Tezlyn Figaro
1) PRIORITIES: She is not the one to drop everything for a night on the town and or because the male species shows her a little attention. She is a star, so she is not moved by just any attention she is moved by capturing attention based upon her success. If she has business to handle, she handles it with no excuses…..PERIOD!

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NRA's Reach in Florida's Legislature is Frightening and Alarming

NRAby Roger Caldwell
In Florida, there is an obsession with guns, and there are over 1 million concealed weapons in the state. The popularity of active concealed weapons permits has surged in Florida in the past 10 years. In 2002, there were only 250,000 gun permits, and in 2012 there were over 1 million. For the NRA and the Florida Legislature this is an achievement, but for gun control supporters this is insane.

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House Bill 209: It's About Responsible Gun Ownership

gun controlby Attorney taleph Haynes Davis, Esq.
I read the article penned by Roger Caldwell here on Community Steeple about Florida House Bill 209 and quite frankly, the article is demonstrative evidence of an article written by one who has absolutely no understanding of not only the import of the bill, but is also evidence of someone who has absolutely no knowledge of, or understanding of, gun ownership in America and the inherent responsibility that goes with the ownership of firearms.

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TAXES, We Don't Need No Stinking TAXES

PayTaxesAttorney taleph Haynes Davis, Esq
If you have to pay taxes, I do not understand the logic with WANTING to pay more taxes.

I run a business, and try to run it efficiently in order to make a profit, in order to keep the profit, or as much of the profit as I CAN keep, in order to live within my means and to keep my business operating.

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