Does Trump's Tax Break Bill Stab Black Folk In The Wallet?

DonaldTrump menace

Trump's new tax code stabs Black tax payers right in the wallet. The 3 year limit to amend your tax has been eliminated. The IRS admits that the average taxpayer recoups about $2800 for each year with a 3 year maximum amendment period. So, if you amend your last three years of tax returns, you could recoup a minimum of $8400.

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Should We Legitimize the Black Man’s Hustle?

HustleBy Lawrence A. Robinson
What is the purpose of business? Is it to make money? Is it to increase stock holder’s equity? There are many different answers and most could be considered correct. I was taught that the purpose of business; ‘Is to create long term repeat customers.’

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Did WKMG Channel 6 Use The Rating Sweep Mentality To Slant State Attorney Aramis Ayala?

Click OrlandoBy Lawrence A Robinson
The content in the article and video title, "State Attorney paying PR firm with taxpayer money" from WKMG Channel 6 is nothing more than gobbly-gue, but the heading leads you to believe that the sky is falling.

Was this investigative report a 'sweeps week' project?

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FED UP, Evangelist Takes Action Against Neighborhood Carpetbagger

BoycottCitgoBy Lawrence A. Robinson
So, I was driving on Silver Star Rd and turned North onto Pine Hills Rd, and I saw a fellow pacing back and forth with a sign. He was picketing the Citgo station on the corner of the Winn Dixie Plaza. I looked at my temperature gauge and then my clock. It was about 10:30am and very hot. I said to myself, 'No, it's way to hot to be out there in this heat. He has got to be very serious.' I decided to let him be serious by himself, and I drove on about my business.

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