The Entrepreneur Struggle

entrepreneurshipby James DeShay
Wow! There is nothing wrong with being your own boss and being able to pass the business down to your sons and daughters. What this gentleman is unable or unwilling to see is two things. One being everyone can't be a boss and secondly; there are people that leave a legacy to their children through a display of hard work and commitment.

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Introducing (again), The Associated Negro Press

ClaudeABarnettby Urban Community Research
On Sunday, March 3, 1919, the Associated Negro Press (ANP), the first national news services for African Americans, was established. Yeah that's right, there was an entity called the 'Associated Negro Press.'

The Associated Negro Press was the oldest and largest Black press service in the United States.

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Is Eatonville's Family Dollar Less About 'Family' and More About The 'Dollar?'

FamilyDollarby Eddie Cole, Introduction by Administration
Here is a hot topic from comments on Face Book about Eatonville's Family Dollar retail store. It seems that the the retail giant will start selling beer and wine in the Eatonville store. Many residents don't like the idea. Should there be a petition to stop this degrading process in our community? Interested residents speak out.

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The Florida Consortium of Black Business Continues The Legacy of Black Business Failure

flcbb logoNote from Lawrence A. Robinson: These are remarks made in reference to a FaceBook comment that I made. The original FB comment was in reference to the status of the organization and the members of the Florida Consortium of Black Business who made the trip to Tallahassee last year. I noted, it appeared that nothing came out of the trip that enhances the Black business community.  D. Miller, carried my statement a bit farther when responding to someone who actually made the trip.

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Are African Americans Wired to Become Business Owners?

CathyHarrisBy Syndicated Columnist Cathy Harris
I am not writing this article to offend anyone but I am writing it to educate, inform and empower all current and future business owners especially African Americans. After conducting business seminars and workshops for over 5 years, I have come up with the following conclusions and why I believe that many African Americans are not 'wired' to become business owners. If many don't change their level of thinking, they will have a hard time making their dream of becoming a business owner come true.

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