National Bar Association Hypocrisy:Your pro-boycott position is not credible

NationalBarAssocPosted on July 30, 2013

National Bar Association Hypocrisy: Your pro-boycott position would be more credible if you had cancelled your convention.

As I write this entry here on, the National Bar Association (“NBA”), the oldest and largest association of African-American attorneys and judges in the United States is having their convention in Miami Florida. The NBA was established in 1925 as the “Negro Bar Association.”

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I'm against whoever is running in 2016The Tale of the Small Businessman
Posted on July 26, 2013

I am neither Democrat nor Republican. I am neither conservative nor liberal. I am, however, uniquely American. I see that not one of the potential candidates from either party has expressly made a policy statement/commitment to the small business owner and small businesses here in this country as of this date.

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Unemployment Number at 4 Year Low and Obama Smiles

unemployment rate down under obamaIn January 2008 there were 627,000 Americans applying for unemployment benefits on a weekly basis. The country was on the verge of a crash and economy was collapsing. Major industries in the country were bankrupted. The banking industry and Wall Street were losing billions of dollars a day, the unemployment rate was at double digits, and no one had an answer or a solution to this crisis.

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Distractions and Diversions

AcesI was out with my wife running errands the other day and the radio was on. I find myself flipping through stations listening for anything interesting. It seems to me that the radio stations that play music, be it secular or otherwise, have a play list with only a few pieces on it and those songs play over and over all day long. After I have heard a piece of music for the second time while on one errand, I start hunting for a new station.

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Black Hair: Boomin' Billion Dollar Industry

Fueled by African American women’s desire for eye-catching tresses, the Black hair care industry is worth an estimated $10 billion to date.  And that’s not including synthetic and human hair sales.

Madame C.J. Walker gained a place in the Guiness Book of Records in 1910 as the first American female to become a self-made millionaire.

The world had changed and was ready and waiting for her line of beauty and hair products for black women. 


In 1971, Johnson Products, the maker of Soft & Sheen products, became the first African American owned firm listed on the American Stock Exchange.

Until the 80’s, black owned hair and skin product lines prevailed in the market, primarily due to large white owned companies ignoring needs of the black consumer and the power of their spending dollar.

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