So...Now What?

This article is in response to a statement that I made earlier that morning and a comment and follow up meeting with Nouchelle Hastings.

Here is that statement.
The leaders of my advocacy group an the leadership of The United Fellowship of Community Churches met this morning for over 2 hours. Great meeting. We found a lot of common ground that we will focus on for the community. Central Florida is about to experience real change in the way Blacks are treated. what?
I talked with Nouchelle Hastings today after she read my comments concerning the meeting between my advocacy group and the United Fellowship of Community Churches. The meeting was very pleasant and informative. I learned more about her activities in the community and I am very impressed with her ability to control time. I still have to sleep at least 4 hours a day. Obviously, Nouchelle has found a new no-sleep system, otherwise there is no way she could get as much done in a day as she does.

She mentioned that a lot of organizations will have meetings then more meetings, then they scheduled a meeting to talk about the last meeting. She said to me, "Okay, you have had your meeting, NOW WHAT?" I was put on the spot. I explained some of the things that the group has done over the past years, but now I'm thinking to myself, "What have the group done for the community lately?"

Certainly, I was able to answer the question for my group, but what about the larger picture? When I look at organizations and our community leaders I wonder, what have they done for the community lately? I have even called out some of these people. I am glad to see that other are seeing the same thing that I see. I hope that now as a citizen's group we will start to hold these organizations accountable. From now on, after a meeting, I will ask, " what?"

Baisden Live Free Book Download

I don't think I've ever screamed out loud before when someone announced a free giveaway for a book but when Michael Baisden announced on his show just now that he would be giving away The Maintenance Man I - Collector's Edition  this week on Amazon I shouted "Yes!!!" and meant it!

So I'm sharing the news for anyone else out there who might have the same reaction to something I see as such great news.

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The Resistance To Sharing

Business psychologist and psychotherapist; Douglas LaBier, says that Americans suffer from  “empathy deficit disorder”. He goes on to say,

“It's possible for an entire culture to develop shared forms of mental disturbance. As socially shared pathologies increase, they can be difficult to recognize; they become the norm. Such is the case today …”

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Book Review:Do Men Know What They Want by Michael Baisden

Do Men Know What They Want? - A Book Review by Katrina Taylor
First, a quick history about the author.

BookCover DoMenKnowMichael Baisden is a radio talk show host who blew up on the national scene in 2007 with his advocacy for the controversial case of six black students convicted of assaulting a white student in Jena, Louisiana known as the Jena 6  Using his
radio platform to draw attention to the case, Mr. Baisden's call brought over 20,000 people to Jena for a rally to support the families involved.

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Commentaries On The Times-Detroit Is Bankrupt

DetroitWhen Governor Rick Snyder appointed an “emergency manager”, another name for an overseer, to the Detroit city government -- effectively terminating the officials that had been elected by the people -- it was another tactic in the Republican playbook in their never-ending battle against democracy. The city has ceded power and emergency manager has “unilateral control of municipal finances, union contracts, pension systems, and more” according to the Governor.

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The Life And The Times: Race in America 2.0 Part II

The Life And The Time: Race in America 2.0
Part II

Continued from Part I

The unprecedented amount of disrespect the first Black President has received since he was elected sums up the issue of race in America. Its institutional & systemic nature shows up in the fact that it's allowed. That people feel free to publicly engage in it is quite telling. I can’t imagine people openly carrying guns at a President Bush rally back in the day with signs about watering liberty trees with the blood of patriots. It wouldn't have happened. No way. No how.

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