Shaniqua (Shan) Rose Set To Campaign for House District 41

Contact: Michael Dobson
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ORLANDO, FL, May 6, 2022 – Local leader Shaniqua "Shan" Rose has launched a campaign to represent House District 41 as a Florida State Representative. With many years of public and private experience advocating for the community, Shan is passionate about youth mentorship, humane approaches to homelessness, community-based crime reduction, and fighting for the equality of all Central Floridians.

"I have served Orlando for my entire professional career, and I'm excited at the opportunity to do even more," Shan said. "By prioritizing community-centered approaches to our challenges, I know I can help Central Florida realize its full potential."

As Florida State Representative for House District 41, Shan will work to Build Bridges to Close the Gaps; in race, religion, political affiliation, age, and gender, and work for the greater good of the people. She will push for education, economic diversity, sustainable development, and increase public safety. She will also focus on strengthening community collaborations so people can build relationships with their neighbors and bridging the gap between law enforcement and the community.

A survivor of gun violence, Shan knows the importance of public safety and quality community resources that create a safe space for everyone to live, work and play. She was a participant in the City of Orlando's night time economy study to ensure all can safely enjoy the entertainment Orlando has to offer, and also led a neighborhood association that won Neighborhood Watch of the Year twice, a testament to her dedication.

Shan lives in the Parramore area of Orlando with her young son, and has lived in Central Florida since her high school years at Poinciana High School. She holds an Associates Degree from Valencia College, a Bachelor of Business Administration from Polk State College and a Master's in Public Administration from American Public University System. After working for the City of Orlando for six years, Shan started Change For the Community (CFTC) in 2019 to leverage group action to make positive change in her community through youth mentoring, addressing homelessness and food insecurity, beautification, and more.

Shan is a member of several organizations and committees, including the NAACP, League of Women Voters, and National Congress of Black Women. In recognition of her community service, Shan has been honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award from President Joseph Biden for her lifelong commitment to building a stronger nation through volunteer service, Social Justice Game Changer from the Orlando Magic, Community Hero by the Orlando Solar Bears, the Getting Results Award from Channel 6 News and many more.

Shan is on the ballot for the August 23, 2022 primary election. For more information, please visit


Michael Stewart Candidate for Circuit Court Judge

Michael and sonMICHAEL STEWART
Orange & Osceola County residents deserve access to a judicial system presided over by qualified individuals chosen by our community instead of a roster designed by Tallahassee.

Achievement is my guiding personal principle. With my academic, professional, and personal life experiences, I believe I am uniquely qualified to have the privilege of serving our community in our local judiciary as your next Circuit Court Judge.

Working at the Ninth Judicial Circuit Office of the Public Defender became an important turning point in my life. I learned invaluable trial skills taking 28 cases to trial representing indigent clients, including adults and children, in County and Circuit Court for misdemeanor and felony cases.

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How Many Years Should Regina Hill Remain Commissioner? Eight Is Enough

Regina Hill reddressBy Lawrence A Robinson
I worked with Regina Hill in her bid to beat the 16 year incumbent for the District 5 position in 2014. After we won, I asked Regina will she consider running for Mayor of Orlando after she's had time to learn her way around City Hall? She said yes, then spent the next four years putting all of her effort in District 5 and learning the ropes.

Four years later after we won reelection as District 5 Commissioner, I asked her that question again. And again, Regina Hill said yes. An again, she spent the next four years putting all of her effort into District 5 and learning how city hall works.

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If you always do, What you always did... STOP IT

BlackPoliticsIf you always do
What you always did
You will always get
What you always got

We voters have always saw competing candidates as winner and loser. The loser's hope for a political future was almost always destroyed. The voters lose a good candidate forever just because he or she came in second place. The community lose what could have been a great future leader.

Stop It! Let's change our Black politics up a little.

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Did Commissioner Regina Hill's District 5 Clock, Time-out?

D5 ShanIt's true, Orlando has a strong-mayor government structure This type of government severely limits what city council members can do. Our current District 5 Commissioner Regina Hill, has done all that she could in this position and her time has run out.

After two terms in a position, politicians are subject to tremendous pressure due to familiarity and comfort. They get comfortable in their position and are more likely to capitulate to the Mayor rather than fight for the community. When a politician gets too comfortable in a position, it is never good for the community. Regina Hill has done a good job as Commissioner for District 5, but a third term will allow too much comfort for her. She should move on.

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