President Obama Agrees to End War on Drugs

President Obama: "The war on drugs has been an utter failure" America has the largest number of incarcerated citizens in the world. There are 2.5 million citizens in jail, and there are 5 million citizens on probation. This is an international embarrassment and the conditions in the jails are appalling with overcrowding, gang violence, and rampant health diseases such as hepatitis and HIV.

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Does Integration Negate Ethnic Survival?

ethnicsurvivalAbout ninety years ago, before the social experiment they called integration was in effect, my grandfather owned three grocery stores and several other businesses and properties. Even though he did not drive, he owned several vehicles and my mom was a chauffeured child. Thirty to forty years later my dad owned buildings which housed grocery stores and other businesses.

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Thriving After An "All Jacked Up" Childhood

Veronica Nealy Morris1Veronica Nealy-Morris is an author, entrepreneur, teacher and motivational speaker. She is a dynamic communicator that speaks from her heart to yours with clarity and understanding. It wasn't always like this. She survived a tulmultous childhood, starting at age five and continuing for the next several years, she was sexually abused by her dad. She got pregnant in high school and did not receive her diploma with her classmates.

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GloZell: Orlando, Is You Okay? Is You?

GloZell:Orlando, Is You Okay? Is You?


GloZell: Orlando, Is You Okay? Is You?

glozellgreenGlozell Green is an Internet celebrity phenomenon and dubbed, "The Queen of YouTube." Glozell has over 1600 video on YouTube. Her videos have be viewed over 300 million times. She has several videos that have gone viral. Her most famous are, " The Cinnamon Challenge and My Push Up Bra." 


Glozell has been featured on many shows including 20/20, the Today Show, Good Morning America, Dr. Drew's Lifechangers, ABC News, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Inside Edition, The Soup, Jerry Springer Show and Bill Handel Show. Glozell has also appeared on several international networks to include Japan, Canada, Great Britain and Africa.

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The social significance of differences in skin color has varied across cultures and over time, as demonstrated, with regard to social status and discrimination.

Many cultures have historically favored lighter skin for women. Before the Industrial Revolution in Europe, pale skin was a sign of high social status. The upper class stayed indoors, while the poorer classes worked outdoors making their skin darker due to sun exposure.  

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Black Men Needed ...

Black Men Needed to rebuild communities

All good Black men need apply

Invest your time in what matters for our collective future

You are the ones we've been waiting for ...

If you think you have nothing to offer, just take the first step. You may just astound yourself ... and the world!

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